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Insert exciting news here!

Meaning, that there is no exciting news. :P

I had this weird habit when I first started reading manga - I could not understand the chibis, and as such thought the artist was somehow lazy or forgot to draw people's noses. I only did this on one of my tankubons (I was like, 9!), but I remember going through and adding noses on all the chibi pics.

My friends had a similar reaction when they caught sight of all the blank faces I had left in my moleskein. Over the course of the last ...month, or so, I went through and meticulously erased all the junk doodles (I love the paper, it is pretty much indestructible by eraser) and drawing in the faces on all the pictures where I was pretty much done except for that last part. All my scans from my last post were pretty much unusable - I redrew a few in OpenCanvas because they were so bad. It was a combination of the paper from my bad sketchbook, the fact that I scanned them at a much lower resolution than usual (I hadn't used my scanner in so long I forgot it defaulted to 300dpi), and that I had no damns left to give to try and clean them up in photoshop. My screen settings for my desktop is also really different from my laptop, so they looked so bad on both that I was just like, "whatever!".

So, today I have semi-decent doodles. :P In no particular order:
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Ugh, everything turned out so big...As usual, comments and crits appreciated.



A while back I was listening to "Magia," the 2nd ending to Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, and my brain thought it actually kinda fit Angeal & Genesis (yes yes, I KNOW it is a song written for a show about magical girls. But it is creepy and rather sad! And full of regret, so...). The end result was this pic:

Sleepless & dreamingCollapse )

As always, comments appreciated! :)

Look I can has Break icon

Because I got a chance to scan stuff and because otherwise it'll probably be another MONTH before I remember to do this...All Pandora Hearts, all the time!

new stuffCollapse )

old stuffCollapse )

As usual, comments and crits welcomed.


More CCFF7

Angeal and Genesis are eating up my brain. @_@

We're gonna join SOLDIER!Collapse )

Genesis has my bag.Collapse )

I'm considering coloring the 2nd pic because colors are actually kind of important there, but that takes time. *gets smacked for stating the obvious*

Anyway, comments always welcome and appreciated!

May. 7th, 2011

Haha, I had these scanned since mid-April. There are more since then but I haven't gotten around to booting my desktop for the proper peripherals yet. This just goes to show that I fail.

Still all Pandora Hearts. -_-;

new stuffCollapse )

cleaned up old stuffCollapse )

As usual, comments and crits welcomed. Eventually I'll get caught up.@_@



I've been obsessed with this darned game for half a year and have accumulated ~100k words of writing and 10+ pics. But then I lost my writing/sketchbook that had all my pics in it last week (though fortunately not all my writing, that's mostly on the computer), so I had to start over from scratch. I figure I'd scan these ASAP, lest the same thing happens again. If I can lose a notebook, I can lose anything. <--has never lost a notebook before in her life.

Upon discovering that I lost my notebook, I immediately - well, cried, but then I embarked upon character torture. It's very therapeutic.Collapse )

Angeal & Genesis endorse Banora Whites!Collapse )

Zack & KunselCollapse )

This is our fate, I'm yours

So, I don't expect this level of productivity to continue, but I'm milking it for all it's worth while the inspiration is here. I wonder if it really IS the sketchbook - the smaller book makes me feel less pressured, and the paper smears less. A topic worthy of contemplation...

Still all Pandora Hearts.

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Things I plan to draw at some point include Vincent...maybe. Jack, because his hair is pretty, and Reim, because anyone who can punch Break in the back of the head and call him an idiot without getting flattened in retribution (Gil, here's looking at you) is obviously awesome.

Comments and crits welcomed!


And quote the raven, 'nevermore'

I really ought to have learned my lesson. I mean, I get jittery even with TEA...why did I drink that coffee milk tea???@_@

Well, at least this is a somewhat productive sort of insomnia.

All Pandora Hearts, all the time!

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As usual, comments and crits welcomed!


My oh my what a horribly rainy day...

More Pandora Hearts art spam!

...actually, the truth was I was talking to Yayoi about markers and somehow that triggered my once-a-year sense of obligation to use the damn things so I actually drew stuff with the intent to ink and...I didn't actually get around to coloring yet, but I figured I'd scan what I have for posterity.

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It's pouring cats and dogs here...I think I'll eat an apple and then go ink some more, or maybe color one pic since I do that that use-once-a-year quota on those markers.-_-;


No good deed goes unpunished!

Catch-up postings and new doodles. I thought I had more but in fact, most of them were crap. That along with the usual Murphy's law...

From the last few days of the doodle-a-day November (of LAST YEAR. I fail.@_@)

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Newer stuffs!

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As usual comments and crits are welcomed.



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